Getting Your House Cleaning In Order

house-cleaning-300x200.jpgWhen it comes to house cleaning, clutter becomes your number one enemy. We all have clutter lying around at any given time, but the key to getting control over it is to not let it build up for too long. If you don’t conquer the clutter in its small stages, then huge piles develop and then the task of cleaning becomes overwhelming. House cleaning doesn’t have to be that hard if it’s done efficiently. Here are some tips to walk through your entire house and get it in order! Once you get these things in place, the maintenance is much easier.

The House Cleaning Plan Of Attack

The Kitchen. This is by far the hardest room in the house to keep clean and organized because we spend so much time there. Food can be a dirty thing too if not handled and stored properly. Start with the fridge—go through all perishable items and look for expired dates and throw them out if they have exceeded that expiration date. Throw away anything you know you won’t use or that just doesn’t appeal to you. Pull everything out and wash down the inside of the fridge, including drawers and shelves, with warm soapy water. It’s much easier to keep the refrigerator clean if you start by deep cleaning it. Don’t forget to wipe down the outside too, including the top!

Now you can go through your pantry items and get rid of any clutter like empty jars, the excess product that has gone bad, etc. Make sure all the dry items are stored in airtight containers, in order to avoid “pantry bugs.”

The Bathroom. A great idea for keeping the bathroom clean is to have your products very convenient. Each time you use the sink and the countertop gets wet, take the few seconds needed to wipe it down with a dry cloth and prevent mildew, mold, or a grimy surface.

After making sure the tub and/or shower has been thoroughly cleaned, keep it clean by rinsing the shower stall or bathtub after each use. Disinfecting wipes are a great thing to have on hand in every bathroom!

Laundry Room. The best tip here is to keep the laundry going all through the week, rather than having to do a huge pile on the weekends. Why spend your whole Saturday catching up on mountains of laundry when you could just do a load or two a day through the week? A hamper with divided slots will allow you to sort your clothes as you go, making laundry time that much faster. Reclaim your weekends!

Bedrooms. When vacuuming or mopping in the bedrooms, don’t forget to clean under the bed, if possible. Dust tends to build up quickly in those places. Also, clear away any clutter on your nightstand table. Get rid of old magazines, empty tubes or bottles, or even expired makeup, etc. If you keep books on your nightstand, be sure to dust them off so they don’t get dirty or sticky.

The Family Room. Junk mail is the bane of our existence for most of us! Make part of your house cleaning Myrtle Beach routine include taking the time to go through it and throw it away each day and don’t let clutter build up! Get a little hook strip to hang on the wall for your keys, or have a small basket on hand. Always put your keys in the same place! Also, I like having a large basket to put odds and ends into while I’m cleaning. When the job is done, go through the basket and put things away.

Staying organized is easier if you use a container system so that everything has a home. It also makes it very rare for you to lose something and waste valuable time searching for misplaced items. Your home should be your sanctuary, so work one room at a time and the job won’t overwhelm you! Check back for our next article on organizing. Now that you have your house cleaning under control, you will want to implement a system for keeping it organized and clutter-free.

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Why Choose A Professional House Cleaning Service Than An Individual Cleaner


house-cleaning5-300x200.jpgYou’ve got a lot of work and you have to be with your family and do other activities. So, you have finally decided to hire help for your house cleaning needs.

So, the next question is who will take care of your most valuable asset? Do you hire a house cleaning company or an individual cleaner?

House Cleaning Service Vs. Individual Cleaner

We’ve listed seven facts that aims to help you make this crucial decision.

  1. Availability

If you go with an individual cleaner, you will be tied to their availability and schedule. So, what will happen if your house cleaner can’t help you out like if they have errands that they cannot be cancelled? What if the cleaner gets sick during your cleaning day? With a professional company, you won’t have to deal with these issues. Professional house cleaning services will have defined work schedules as well as backup programs if the house cleaner don’t show up for their scheduled work.

  1. Training

Individual house cleaners apply the cleaning ideas they use when cleaning their very own place at their client’s house. Cleaning is cleaning, after all, regardless of where it’s done. Well, it’s not as simple as that. Cleaning houses professionally is different. Responsible house cleaning have created an instruction with lectures as well as hands-on experience. This is constantly complemented with regular education which is an important differentiator of an expert house cleaning service. The appropriate cleaning methods, use of supplies and tools, and time efficiency make sure that your home is cleaned and well-kept at the highest standards.

  1. Insurance

Professional home cleaning does not only include dusting, moping, as well as disinfecting surfaces. It goes beyond all that. It means security for the employees and the homeowners. What happens if a house cleaner is injured or a personal property has been damaged? A reliable house cleaning company has insurance to handle all these unexpected but very possible situations.

Does your individual cleaner have this kind of security? Perhaps not. So, it is better to check your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure that you’ve got the coverage you require for these kinds of circumstances.

  1. Community Involvement

Among the primary objectives of any company should be giving back. Trusted professional house cleaning Myrtle Beach companies are not exempted. Investing in the community’s success must be as important for business owners as investing in their staff. Any kind of contribution to any charitable programs, including volunteer hours, as well as the feeling of doing the appropriate thing are primary indicators of a responsible home cleaning companies.

  1. Guarantee

Professional house cleaning services are committed to provide top quality work. If mistakes are committed, they are all set to always guarantee their services and redo the spots their customers are not satisfied with. Meanwhile, individual house cleaners may not have the resources or time to give this warranty. Providing 100% guarantee is another wonderful benefit to hiring a professional home cleaning service.

  1. Price

The price matters. It is the determining factor when it comes to making a decision about whether to get a product or service. However, this cannot be the conclusive factor. When it comes to house cleaning rates, the individual cleaner almost always win. It’s the economical choice. But it’s always a lot better to compare apples to apples. It is crucial for you to realize that there’s a big difference between the value and the price and that over time, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. It’s your decision to make.

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Cleaning Services Tips on How to Create a Healthy and Safe Environment for Your Kids

house-cleaning4-300x205.jpgWhen you bring a child into your home, it is an exciting and special experience. Before you bring your little one home there are a few modifications that should be made to make your home safe for your child. As an adult, we understand how to move through our homes without an issue. However, as your child grows and start to navigate around the rooms it will be necessary to make your home accident-proof, thus reliable house cleaning is also necessary.

Cleaning Services Child Proofing Tips

1. Minimize the chances of falling

Tripping or falls are the most normal causes of the majority of kid injuries, and this is why you need to take steps to make sure that you have lowered the chances of this happening.

  • Stairs: This is one of the most prevalent areas where children can be seriously hurt in a fall. Installing a security gate at the entrance of the stairs is one way of keeping children from climbing the stairs and then falling.
  • Balconies: The terrace is no place for a child to be left behind, thus, you need to set up a fence to guard the door and prevent them from falling.
  • Windows: Not many individuals understand that a kid can easily fall through a home window. Despite the fact that small children are normally unable to unlock and open a window, there are scenarios when this may happen. The best and most efficient way of avoiding this is by setting up window guards, particularly installing them on the upper-story windows.
  • Lights: Kids regularly wake up throughout the night to go to the restroom, so leaving lights on in the corridor is a great method to prevent tripping in the dark.
  • Floor type: There are floors available that are less slippery than traditional floors. Check with a flooring company for ideas on which floor types are best for your child’s safety. This is a small investment to make that will keep our kids safe.

2. Preventing burns and scalding from occurring

There countless things inside a home which can trigger burns, such as the stove or oven, hot water, hot drinks, heaters and microwaves. The only way to prevent this from happening is to keep your child far from all these devices by locking the kitchen. A good setting for your hot water heater is not more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improve fire safety

There are numerous things that can trigger a fire within a home and the best preventive step that you must take is to install smoke alarms inside your house. Individuals typically set up a single smoke alarm on each floor of the home, which is a legal commitment in some areas. Although it will result in a little bit of a financial investment, it is a far better alternative to have these devices in as many spaces inside your home as possible.

On the other hand, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher that is easily accessible in emergency situation scenarios. Make certain that you regularly evaluate your smoke alarm and that you change their batteries when each year.

3. Be safe when it pertains to poisoning

Children under five are particularly in danger of mistakenly consuming poison. This is the age when children like to check out everything that surrounds them. There many chemicals throughout the home that should be totally eliminated from the reach of children. Here are some of the services to this problem.

According to house cleaning Myrtle Beach professionals, keep all dangerous liquids, such as cleaning chemicals, far from any space that is available to children.

Store all these liquids in high cupboards which cannot be reached by kids. Keep them locked — this will ensure that the child can not reach them in any way.

Set up child-safety locks. These are great gadgets that can help you in case you do not have high and unreachable cupboards.They make all of the cupboard doors locked while adults can still open them with a more powerful push or pull. In addition, these locks are very helpful for drawers as well, as they will keep your children’s fingers safe.

4. Don’t forget about water safety

This is something that depends totally on you. If your house has a pool, never ever leave your kids near it as they can easily fall in. You can set up a fence around the swimming pool, followed by a self-locking gate. On the other hand, the same goes when it concerns the bath. Do not leave your child, even if they are with an older sibling. Reserve bath time for when you can give your child your undivided attention and do not leave the bath area.

5. Keep children clear of electricity

Throughout the growing-up period, children are really inquisitive — this is why it is your responsibility to keep electricity, in any type, out of reach of your child. All of us understand how dangerous and lethal electrical power is, so make sure that you take these steps to guarantee that your child remains safe from an electrical shock.

  • Safety switches: If you do not have safety switches in your house’s electrical system, immediately call a professional electrician and have them installed. In the event of irregular electrical activity, this device will turn off the electricity in your home. They also help with avoiding fires which makes your home a safer environment for the whole family.
  • Cables: Keep each electricity cable in new condition, as they separate the electricity. If you need to change them, call a Myrtle Beach electrician — this will keep you safe and your entire family safe afterward.
  • Sockets: You have read about a child being electrocuted when they have inserted an object into an outlet that conducts electrical energy. To avoid this from happening, make certain that you use electrical socket covers that make it literally impossible for a child to place anything in them. Make sure that you utilize the covers for all the sockets in your home, even for those which are in rooms where your child does not normally hang around.

Keeping your house safe for your children is a full-time job and some investment is needed. However, it serves to protect your kid during his or her most vulnerable developmental years. Bear in mind that most of these problems happen when kids are ignored, so make sure that you keep your children in your line of vision at all times. It takes just a matter of seconds for bad things to occur, and no matter how safe your home is, accidents can still take place.

Having a clean home that is free of germs is also necessary for children. Sometimes keeping a clean home along with child rearing can seem overwhelming.

Give us Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach call to schedule a one-time cleaning service or to put you on a regular schedule.

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Bad Cleaning Habits You Need To Stop Doing Right Away

house-cleaning3-300x200.jpgHomeowners are always trying to find ways to make cleaning easier and faster. There are days when you take short cuts but did you know that doing so can make things harder for you later on. Admit it or not, you’ve developed some bad cleaning habits that are preventing you from performing house cleaning effectively.

You should break these habits right away so you can enjoy a much cleaner home. To help you get started, choose at least one bad cleaning habit to change every week. Then, you’ll eventually find yourself being able to clean your home faster and more efficiently.

Allowing Paper Clutter To Pile Up

You still have a lot of paper at home even if online banking and billing already exist. School papers, newspapers, and magazines are only a few of the paper clutter that pile up. Assign a place near the main entry way for all paper forms, periodicals, and mail and make sure that you have a recycling bin or shredder close by. Sort through the paper clutter at least once a week and take the required action or get rid of it. Tax receipts and other important papers should be filed. You can also take photos of your kid’s artwork and have it framed. If you have lots of magazines, you can share them with schools and retirement homes. You can also sign up for an online subscription to lessen the clutter in your home.

Leaving Wet Shower Curtains and Towels Bunched Up

You don’t want to spend a lot of time in the laundry room trying to scrub away the mildew from bathroom surfaces. Never leave wet towels and shower curtains bunched up on the floor. This is one of the many simple bad habits that you can break. All you have to do is close the shower curtains after every use. It will dry faster. Plus, it will discourage the growth of mildew. You should also hang wet towels to dry.

Cleaning Using Dirty Tools

You can’t expect to get clean results if you are using dirty cleaning tools. For example, if your washer has a weird odor, that could be from the bacteria that has built up. If you still use it, you can expect your clothes to smell the same. If the vacuum filter or bag is filled with dust, then it won’t be effective at sucking the dirt. A dirty sponge or mop will just push around more bacteria and soil. Make sure that you clean your cleaning tools thoroughly after every use. Empty them and wash them thoroughly in hot water. Don’t’ forget to add a disinfectant.

Using Only One Disinfectant Wipe To Clean The Whole Bathroom

If you need to quickly wipe down of your bathroom sink, you can use disposable disinfectant wipes. But one wipe doesn’t contain enough disinfectant to clean the entire bathroom. Once you reach the handles and the seat, the wipe will have lost its disinfectant qualities and you are just spreading the bacteria from one surface to another.

To make the bathroom cleaning much more effective, the wipe must contain sufficient disinfectant moisture so that the surface will stay wet for at least four minutes. Use several wipes to clean the bathroom thoroughly. If you don’t want to deal with all these, you can always hire cleaning services.

Leaving Dirty Dishes In The Sink

How long does it take you to put the dirty glasses on the dishwasher instead of the sink? If you leave dirty dishes in the sink for a long time, it will become a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. Soon, you’ll see it swarmed with hungry insects. This is one bad habit you need to get rid of if you want house cleaning Myrtle Beach done right.

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House Cleaning Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic

house-cleaning2-300x210.jpgEveryone has been constantly reminded to practice proper handwashing in order to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. Since coronavirus has been known to remain in certain types of surfaces for a long time, WHO and CDC has provided some house cleaning tips to keep viruses and bacteria at bay.

House Cleaning Tips With COVID-19 In Mind

Clean Commonly Touched Surfaces

The Center for Disease Control said cleaning and disinfecting high touch areas daily is crucial. Focusing on high traffic areas that allow viruses to spread inside the house is important. These include light switches, doorknobs, chairs, desks, stair rails, cellphones, and remote controls. Anything that you touch all the time especially if it is a hard surface must be cleaned regularly.

Clean and Disinfect All Entryways and Everything That Leave Home With You Every Day

When it comes to house cleaning Myrtle Beach, don’t forget to wipe door knobs every day, inside and outside. It’s also a good practice to disinfect things like keys, backpacks, and bags every day. Do this on all the things that you take out with your every day.

Clean The Bathroom

Bathroom cleaning isn’t a fun thing to do but it should be cleaned regularly. During this time of pandemic, make sure that surfaces are kept clean all the time. This includes the sink, shower, and toilet. Toothbrushes must be kept separate from one another and hand towels must be washed regularly. Get rid of the clutter around your sink. This will help limit the surface area where viruses and germs can stay and survive. By disinfecting the bathroom counters, you will keep viruses away from potentially infecting others in your home.

Clean the Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning should also be done. Aside from cleaning the countertops, you should also include high touch areas in the kitchen like lights witches, drawer pulls, as well as the handles and the dials of appliances. You should also consider the items that spread bacteria and germs like cleaning cloths and sponges, which should be replaced and cleaned on a regular basis.

How You Clean Is Essential

What does it exactly mean to clean surfaces? You should understand that cleaning is different from disinfecting. Cleaning means you are removing the germs. Disinfecting means you are killing the germs. Even if you are cleaning the surface effectively, it doesn’t imply that you are disinfecting.

You need to clean surfaces first before disinfecting so that excess grime and dirt is removed. In case the surface is extremely dirty, you have to use a soap or detergent and water before disinfecting. You wouldn’t want the surfaces to be recontaminated while cleaning so, it is better to work from one side of the surface to the other side using an “S” pattern.

You should also remember that disinfecting doesn’t happen instantly. It may also be required to use different methods of application for this purpose. You should also ventilate the room if you are using cleaning products. You must follow the label cleaning and instructions on how to use the product appropriately.

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Five House Cleaning Tips Made Easy

house-cleaning1-300x199.jpgIf you hate house cleaning as much as most of us do, then you will no doubt want to pick up some great tips to make the whole process easier and, well, less messy! It’s not necessarily a fun chore getting the house cleaned, but it doesn’t have to be all that big of a deal if you put some basic habits in place. Here are some house cleaning ideas to keep you motivated.

Make Your House Cleaning Time A Snap!

  • Keep Your Tools Handy. 

It’s a good idea to keep some basic supplies for house cleaning Myrtle Beach in each major part of your house. For instance, let each bathroom have its own cleaning supplies. This will keep you from wasting time going from room to room looking for the items you need. Keeping your supplies in a handy caddy helps keep you organized and you only need to grab it and go.

  • Do The Hardest Stuff First. 

When it comes to cleaning, we tend to put off the parts that we find difficult, so attack those things first and your job will seem easier. Kind of like saving dessert for last…

  • You Don’t Have To Do Everything At Once! 

This is a good rule to remember.  Why make things harder for yourself by cleaning areas that don’t really have to be cleaned? For instance, your guest room doesn’t need a deep clean if nobody has slept in it since the last time you cleaned. Sometimes just a little dusting or sprucing up is all that is needed.

  • Clean As You Go. 

This is a great tip to keep in mind. In general, home cleaning is much better when you do the small things as they come. If you notice something on the floor, pick it up and put it away. If there is something spilled, take the quick moment to clean it up so it doesn’t dry and make cleaning harder later on. If this seems like common sense stuff, it is, but you’d be amazed at how hard we make things on ourselves by not following basic common sense!

  • Don’t’ Go Overboard With The Cleansers. 

It might seem crazy, but most people should back off on the cleaning products a bit. The truth of the matter is that using too much cleanser on surfaces in your home can actually damage them. They can also leave film and grit behind if overused. It’s true that water really is the best solvent, so do be afraid to pull back on the harsh chemicals and use more water to clean your house. Even household items can make great cleaning solutions. Vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda just to name a few.

Remember, house cleaning doesn’t have to overtake your whole day. If you follow these basic tips and stay organized, it will be a breeze. Work your way through one room at a time, keep your supplies handy, and don’t go overkill with the chemicals. House cleaning really can be a breeze!

If you want to have more time for your family, you can hire professional cleaning services in Myrtle Beach.

house-cleaning-2-300x225.jpgSeven Cleaning Service Tips to Clean Your Home, Thoroughly!


If you’ve ever hired an expert home cleaning service, then you may have asked them their secret on how to clean your home efficiently and completely. Two things are for sure, that several years of experience and using top notch equipment does help. When you have these things, it is impossible to be able to clean your home as professional cleaning services do.

Here are seven of the very best pointers on ways to clean your house like a pro.

  1. Have A Toolbox Ready

One of the most significant reasons cleaning service professionals can clean house easily and effectively is their practice of keeping all of their cleaning materials in one place. Develop a toolbox or basket filled with the possible cleaning tools and cleaning products. Put them all in this tool kit including small cleaning items like a small toothbrush for tight cleaning areas and a razor blade for scraping tiles or grout.

  1. Spray Cleaner onto Your Cloth

It better and more efficient to spray your cleaning liquid straight to your wiping cloth rather than straight to the furniture.

  1. An Apron is Your Best Bet

Minimizing house cleaning duration (and doing a much better task) boils down to keeping your cleaning materials close to you. Wear an apron with pockets while you are cleaning. The pockets will allow you to carry your crucial cleaning tools with you. An additional suggestion is to line the inside of one pocket with a little plastic bag that can be used as a trash bag.

  1. Develop Your Own Cleaning Strategy

Develop a cleaning strategy and follow it each time you do your house cleaning tasks. Numerous specialists work in a circular pattern and begin at one spot in the room then work around it. The key is to discover the best ways to clean completely enough to not have to backtrack your actions.

  1. Cleaning pattern: back to front, top to bottom

This is the most vital house cleaning tip you can get is to start cleaning from the back to the front part of the house. Let’s say, when cleaning up a bedroom dresser with a mirror or home entertainment center, you would begin at the top back near the wall, working your way to the front and then down in the same way on each shelf. This guarantees that dust from a higher rack does not fall onto a currently clean lower rack.

  1. Arrange Furniture Before Cleaning

When you want to make cleaning your home as fast and simple as possible, organize your furnishings in a matter that promotes this. Leave sufficient area between furniture for dusting and vacuuming without moving them. If you do not do this, you can also pre-arrange your living space before you begin cleaning so that the procedure is seamless once you have started. You could just move it back when you are finished.

  1. Different Wet and Dry Work

House cleaning specialists separate the job into 2 sections, wet work and dry work. Wet work includes jobs such as cleaning up bathrooms, the cooking area, and tough floors. Dry work includes tasks such as cleaning and vacuuming. Start with wet work and surface with dry work. It’s as simple as that.

Do you love a clean house but simply don’t have the time to do all the cleaning yourself? Give us a call today to schedule a cleaning service as frequently as you need.

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Combat Kitchen Area Bacteria With These Do’s and Don’ts

house-cleaning-300x200.jpgThe cooking area is the heart of the home, the place where you and your family and guests are most like to gather. Regrettably, due to its mix of food preparation, warm temperatures, and moisture, this room tends to be equally popular as a bacteria hangout. Keep bacteria at bay with these 7 easy house cleaning do’s and don’ts.

  1. Sponge or Dish Cloth

DON’T wash your mealtime dishes using a sponge or fabric without finishing up with a hot water final rinse. Research study has found that there are 10 million germs on every square inch of your cooking area sponge (ugh!), and about a tenth of that figure on your dish cloth.

DO make a habit to clean your sponge or dish cloth frequently; keep a few new clothes on hand to switch off. Fabrics that become laden with germs are easy to toss into the washing machine each time you do a warm water load. Sponges must be sterilized in the dish washer or microwave– always wet the sponge before microwaving to prevent fire danger– and disposed of after a month of usage.

  1. Sink

DON’T forget to take care of your kitchen area sink’s faucet drains and handles. These are 2 areas which collect a massive quantity of bacteria.

DO clean all parts of the kitchen area sink well with baking soda and vinegar for natural green sanitization. (CAUTION: Do not use vinegar on stone sinks or countertops to prevent corrosion.)  Pull out your removable sink strainer and scrub thoroughly paying close attention to the dirty underside.

  1. Cutting Board

DON’T simply give your cutting board a quick rinse after usage. Whether it is made of wood or plastic (the jury is out regarding which is more sanitary), the board should be cleaned up and decontaminated after each cutting session.

DO use white vinegar to sanitize your cutting boards. House cleaning Myrtle Beach experts said you should be careful of the fumes, but it is a good idea to wipe down with hydrogen peroxide after chopping seafood, raw meat or poultry.  This type of food should be prepared on a dedicated cutting surface such as plastic boards which can be cleaned in the dishwashing machine.

  1. Poultry Handling

DON’T wash chicken or poultry prior to cooking. I know it sounds strange, but rinsing raw turkey, duck or chicken under running water gets rid of some surface bacteria, however, these organisms can wind up all over you, your counters and sink, and everything close by. Instead, put the meat directly into your pan or roaster; any germs will be eliminated by cooking to an interior temperature level of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

DO buy from a trusted source. Shop for fresh poultry and put in the refrigerator or cook immediately (within 2 days, according to the USDA). Thaw frozen fowl below 40 F, not at room temperature. If your refrigerator is not cooling your food sufficiently on warm Myrtle Beach summertime days, a professional handyman can discover the problem’s source.

  1. Trash and Compost Storage

DON’T position damp garbage or compost in a bin without a tight-fitting lid inside your home, as this causes undesirable smells, in addition to drawing in bugs and other pests.

DO use covered trash bin with a step-on pedal to reduce your hands’ contact with bacteria. If you produce reasonably small amounts of compost, store in the freezer in a closed container until you can take it out to the main pile. Wash your hands with soap and warm water each time you deal with trash or compost.

  1. Hand and Dish Towels

DON’T continue using kitchen area towels indefinitely. Whether you are using the towels for drying your hands or dishes, damp, stained towels are a breeding place for all sorts of bacteria, including E. coli, staphylococcus and salmonella.

DO keep a good stock of different towels for hands and dishes. Launder often at 90 degrees F, on a regular cycle.

  1. Water Bottles

DON’T try to use plastic water bottles more than once. Not only is it possible for chemicals to leak into your drink, plastic beverage bottles are generally made with narrow necks. This makes them nearly impossible to clean effectively.

DO opt for an easy-to-clean, environmentally friendly, wide-mouth stainless-steel or glass bottle.

Winter is a great time to give your kitchen and entire home a thorough cleaning. Call Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach for a quote on a one time cleaning of your home.

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5 Ways Every Company Owner Benefits from Commercial Cleaning Providers

commercial-cleaning-200x300.jpgHow many hours do you spend at work each week? I am sure it is more than 40. If you’re working full-time, let’s face it: your office is practically your second home. And not only is it YOUR second home, it’s likewise the second home to all of your colleagues and staff members! With many people spending many hours there, there’s no doubt that you have to take excellent care of the work area. Regrettably, for lots of companies, this isn’t the case. That’s why you need commercial cleaning.

Though your organization may do a good job at keeping your workspace habitable, it doesn’t mean they’re doing a good job of keeping your work space tidy. Put simply, tidiness is seldom a priority for organizations, so most simply do the bare minimum to keep up with looks (i.e. vacuum from time to time, keep kitchen and bathroom areas neat, and so on). And while this may conserve time for more “crucial” jobs, a filthy workspace can in fact inhibit your employees from completing these tasks.

In order to help you optimize your employees performance, safety, and the appearance of the work environment, we’ll discuss the leading 5 benefits of working with a commercial cleaning service:

1) Much safer Work Environment

Keeping your workplace clean means keeping your workplace safe. Not just are offices a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, however an untidy work space in a production facility can likewise lead to accidents and possibly injury. Though you may be sanitizing surfaces areas every once in a while or “keeping an eye on things” in the warehouse, nobody does a better job than the skilled industrial cleansing experts. For instance, when was the last time you cleared your heating and air system of all its dust and bacteria? Business cleaning services do more than just sanitize the desks and scrub the toilets, they make certain your whole workspace is clean– even to the air particles you breathe. And sometimes when the average worker in the U.S expenses services $230/year due to work environment absence brought on by individual illness, spending for commercial cleaning Myrtle Beach services does not appear all that bad.

2) Less Stress

Your workers are your top concern, however all of us know the worst part about cleaning is that it’s, well, cleaning. As a kid, you feared doing these tasks, and it’s likely that very little has actually changed today. As a result, you’ve most likely ignored a few things here and there along the way. For commercial cleaners, however, doing these jobs is just another day on the job. In truth, we’ll even work around YOUR work schedule to make sure you aren’t troubled by our presence. Instead of spending time doing something that stresses you out, leave the cleaning up to the pros and spend more time working on exactly what matters most to you.

3) More Efficient Employees

There have countless studies on work environment efficiency and office tidiness, and they all point to one thing: an office cleaner work environment results in better, more efficient workers. In a survey by OfficeMax of more than 1,000 U.S. adults, 90% admit that unorganized mess has an unfavorable impact on their life, with 77% claiming that their efficiency is affected one of the most. In addition, in a research study conducted at Brigham Young University, 88% of participants report that noticeable accumulations of dirt and dust can really impede their ability to focus, be efficient, and learn. Desire more efficient workers? Hire a commercial cleaner to keep your work space neat and tidy.

4) More Professional Workplace

Did you understand that 35% of employees feel ashamed or embarrassed when other individuals see their work area? That’s due to the fact that Americans often associate cleanliness with professionalism. If you do not appear like an organized professional, you won’t be perceived as one, and there’s absolutely nothing more awkward than having your clients and customers see your company as unprofessional. By hiring a office cleaning company, however, they’ll make certain you service looks top notch, both inside and out. Whether it indicates power cleaning your car park and structure, washing your windows, or ensuring your work or retail spaces are 100% clean, industrial cleaners can certainly assist your brand construct a track record around professionalism.

5) Greater Quality Clean

Though you might believe you’re doing a sufficient job as the full-time manager and part-time cleaner, there’s no one better at cleansing than the cleaning service specialists. For example, despite the fact that you can look after your teeth by brushing and flossing, nobody cleans your teeth along with the dental expert. Why? Since they not just have more knowledge, but they likewise have more tools. In the business cleaning market, cleaning experts are geared up with all the essential tools to get the task done, in addition to a better understanding of how things need to be done.

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How Professional Cleaning Services Help Save Time and Money

cleaning-service-300x256.jpgNo professional will work in an area that’s filled with dirt and especially if the filth around them is starting to affect the way they deal with their clients. This is among the primary reasons why rather than hiring a single janitorial personnel for your company, you must try and save cash while covering your whole office area by hiring contractors providing professional cleaning service. They will provide you the savings, flexibility, and effective time management when it comes to ensuring that the area of your business dealings is well sanitized and clean.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Cleaning Service

One of the best qualities in terms of service hires and commercial building is flexibility. You can enroll for daily, weekly, monthly, or personalized cleaning services that is based on your unique requirements in terms of sanitation. You may even ensure that you maintain a flexible schedule on your calendar for urgent cleaning issues. Unlike offering stable compensation as well as benefits throughout the year for in house cleaning services, you can back on your cleaning crew on off peak months without working that you might break labor laws and facing lawsuits.

Enrolling in professional cleaning service Myrtle Beach can likewise provide you with a lot of economic advantages. For beginning businesses, that is not recommended to have a janitor on your payroll. Rather than having a full time cleaning crew work and your place can just hire on a weekly or hourly basis. These contract employees don’t need insurance medical benefits and to avoid incurring sick days or take up holidays. You will end up saving on resources when you choose to outsource your cleaning responsibilities rather than hiring one permanent personnel to handle this responsibility.

Another advantage of hiring professional cleaning service is that they can make sure that your needs are meet in order to keep your business. You can expect professional courtesy and high amount or reliability for most professional cleaning services. You no longer have to worry about your cleaning crew calling in sick or asking for a day off so that they can attend to a personal matter is a blessing especially if you have a lot of requirements in terms of your cleaning standards. In case of hiring a contract cleaning business, you do not need to worry about your temporary crew not showing up or getting delayed, the service could just send a replacement.

Professional cleaning services are extremely helpful in providing you with a crew that is normally too expensive for a firm to afford on its own. Several cleaning companies use their own equipment in ensuring that they provide the best cleaning services to their clients. This is a good option for small business especially if they are trying to keep their overall costs to a minimum.

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Guide To Your Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

house-cleaning-2-300x200.jpgMost of us understand just how simple it is for our week to get ahead of us. It appears odd since we are now in a very technological age. Occasionally, it really feels as if all those gadgets that are meant to help us live less complicated lives have, in fact, taken control of the world. As opposed to a little bit even more down time, we’re frequently looking at our mobile phone, continuously paged or even emailed. Our routine has become harder to maintain compared to years ago. When we are not in the workplace or school, we’re driving children to practices or the park. We likewise attempt to arrange a workout, lunch with a buddy, and other leisure activities. It’s now tough to see where a regular house cleaning routine could be packed in a busy week. So exactly how do we stay on par with that element of our lives?

Weekly House Cleaning Guide

Draw Up a Regular Home Cleaning Timetable

Seeing something in black and also white provides us a better feeling of exactly what should be done. When you detail your tasks, you could make a decision if you intend to commit a whole time off weekly to doing them. You could identify that there are some points you could do throughout the weekday, hence maximizing a bit even more time to relax.

Floors Absolutely Require a Great Deal Of Our Focus

Besides, there’s a flooring in every area–some are carpeted while some could be ceramic tile, marble, or linoleum. While others could be hardwood flooring with rug pushing top. Possibilities are you also utilize a selection of devices and solutions to cleanse them. You probably vacuum rugs and also carpets. For the wood flooring, you would certainly make use of sponges with wood floor cleaners.

The majority of us really feel far better when all the flooring in the entire house is tidy. In regards to our once a week home cleaning routine, flooring could use up a reasonable quantity of time.

Cleaning Up Immediately

Similar to anything else, staying on top of troubles as they take place, is an essential aspect.

  • If you spill something on your floor tile floor covering, immediately get a carpet cleaning solution to clean out the mess
  • If your pets shed on a regular basis on your rug, vacuum every couple of days rather than waiting up until your once a week home cleaning routine.
  • Similar to the majority of points, preventative upkeep, as well as punctual cleaning activity, could be major time savers.

It’s Alright To Use Cleaning Devices

One of the best things about technology when it comes to home cleaning is making it less complicated. As an example when it concerns flooring treatment, you could frequently do it in one action. Long ago, cleaning floors required hard labor, but today, several polishers and vacuums are available with just a push of a button.

Set Your Priority

Bathroom and kitchen floors typically take the burden of the misuse in our residences. It’s generally better to deal with them more frequently compared to doing a once a week house cleaning timetable.  These areas are excellent for consolidated cleaner/ brush. Numerous residences make use of wood floor covering or ceramic tile where situation sponges with wood flooring cleansers are ideal.

house-cleaning1-300x200.jpgEnjoy More “Me” Time With Domestic House Cleaning Services

The house cleaning services available today can be a fantastic solution for people who are having difficulties finding the time to regularly clean their house in Myrtle Beach since they have to take care of their family, special duties or some other obligations.


Today, you don’t need to bother about the reality that you may not have enough time to clean your house on your own. You can simply hire a house cleaning Myrtle Beach expert or a service provider to clean up your house at least once, two times or as often as needed. Are you finding it problematic to keep your home organized or tidy? Request professional assistance and realize just how simple it actually is.

Main Concerns

It’s quite challenging in the current society to pay for things such as house cleaning. Our life is difficult already. Individuals are working to make money and spend time with their loved ones also. Therefore, things such as house cleaning aren’t viewed as an essential concern on their list. This isn’t even an aspect which appears to persuade people into carrying this out on their own.

Domestic Cleaning

Therefore, the domestic cleaning services Myrtle Beach are extremely crucial in the lives of countless individuals who don’t wish to reside in a messy house. A firm of this kind specializes in maintaining the cleanliness of a house using only a simple van, efficient cleaning equipment (like a dustpan, brush, vacuums, and so on) along with a well-trained team of professional house cleaners. Fortunately, the aforementioned cleaning services aren’t just restricted to household items or carpet cleaning. They may also provide you with whatever cleaning service you need (which may include polishing wooden furniture, cleaning the windows window, washing the dishes, ironing, and various other cleaning services). Generally, each person has his personal preferences when it comes to house cleaning. Although some prefer to cover the whole house twice a week, others would like their home to be cleaned at least twice a month.

Service Providers

You do not have to be concerned that your house would be cleaned by a professional cleaning service provider. There are many firms that could provide wonderful cleaning services at prices you can afford. You could be sure that they’ll perform a fantastic and efficient job. They’ll certainly remove the stress of cleaning since they’ll provide you with more than enough time that you can spend for yourself or with your family.


The main point here is that it’s extremely vital for your house to be clean and attractive. You are well aware that many people would judge your home based on how it looks. Therefore, when your home is grubby and messy, your visitors will surely not be impressed. Apart from that, they would never wish to go back to your house again. This is fine if you do not want to have guests in the first place, however, making sure that your house is clean remains important not only for you but to those who wish to enter your home. You also need to keep in mind that there are many benefits of living in a clean home.

Domestic house cleaning services will deal with all of those hard and repetitive chores and give you your needed quality time for yourself or your family. Call Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach now and allow us to clean and take care of your home!

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