The Advantages of Office Cleaning Service Providers

cleaning-services-300x200.jpgMaintaining and cleaning a huge office building is a great responsibility for any single worker. This is a grunt work so no one would love to do it, however, the task still needs to be accomplished and it has to be done well. With this, workers, specifically in tiny workplaces, are anticipated to do some routine cleaning tasks in their workplaces such as sweeping, wiping, rubbing, cleaning, as well as vacuuming. Cleaning tasks should be done often to make certain sanitation is always in check in the area. Hence, this pushes some facilities to simply employ professional cleaning services.

Advantages of Working With an Office Cleaning Company

The office cleaning company will certainly do the needed cleaning tasks that your office requires to make sure that you can focus on the more important matters of your business. This will certainly give you the freedom to come in very early or leave the office immediately after work and not stay late because you still need to vacuum or finish cleaning.

By employing the help of a professional cleaning services Myrtle Beach company, you will certainly have a properly maintained office without really worrying about cleaning. you will be able to appreciate a tidy office because of this well-trained and experienced cleaning professionals. Additionally, you are spared from purchasing cleaning devices since the cleansers have them including those most recent tools readily available out there.

You can likewise ask for some handyman as well as insect control services if the need arises since they are currently trained to do such.

Services Offered by Office Cleaning Providers

There are cleaning companies that focus on cleaning the floorings. Other than sweeping as well as wiping, they additionally do the shaving, buffing, deep cleaning floorings including carpets. Some service providers also offer floor sealing.

Window cleaning is additionally a challenging task and also it is a sensible choice to simply leave this to the experts. You might begin cleaning the initial home window with excitement yet at some point, you will be tired as you clean up the following windows.

There various services offered by an office cleaning company and some would even provide handyman solutions and pest control services. Other office cleaning services even supply overall cleaning solutions where all the cleaning requirements of the firm structure are provided. The handyman solutions and pest control are several of the added demands of a firm and this is the advantage of hiring professional office cleaning service. You will certainly be stunned that by repairing points by yourself will certainly simply result to even more repair work in the future.

Finding an Ideal  Office Cleaning Company

You can initially search the neighborhood yellow pages in your location for you to find up a listing of cleaning suppliers. Call them one by one and ask on their prices and also various solutions that they are offering.

You can additionally make use of the web in discovering them. You might take a look at their internet sites where you can see all the info that you require to help you choose which office cleaning company you will choose.

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Tips For Hiring Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Cleaning Service

cleaning-service-300x200.jpgComprehensive vacation rental cleaning and maintenance is a must, especially, if you want to reduce the risk of complaints from your guests. With a ton of expert cleaning services out there and wonderful cleaning items to pick from the market, there is no excuse whatsoever for any rental to have a bad cleaning routine.

For repeat reservations and to be able to ask visitors to refer your property to family and friends, hiring a rental cleaning service Myrtle Beach and maintenance needs to be on the top of your priority list.

Vacationers are Picky

“I’m the type of visitor that, when staying in a rental condo, home or hotel, will check everything in the space from the bed linen sheets to the windowsills for any undesirable hairs, grime, or dust,” says one guest.

He added that you only have to experience staying in grubby accommodation once, to be scarred for life.

So as vacation homeowners or property management company, it is even more important that your guests discover absolutely nothing to grumble in terms of cleaning and hygiene when they rent your home or condo at the beach, otherwise, your lack of attention to details could leave your online trustworthiness in shambles due to bad reviews.

If you are not a local resident or do not have the time to clean and maintain the unit yourself, then think about working with an expert cleaning service, it could make all the difference

However, if you choose to do your vacation rental cleaning and upkeep, here are few tips for you to think about:

  1. Excellent rental cleaning means, looking for limescale, dripping taps, spots of mold, damp, or faulty plumbing fixtures between guest check out.
  2. An appropriate vacation rental-cleaning task is inspecting your air-conditioning and heating unit to make sure they are working properly, and are serviced often. Oh … and make sure to dust any air vents too.
  3. Exceptional Myrtle Beach vacation rental and house cleaning service would likewise involve: clearing out plug drains– there is nothing worse than finding someone else’s hair in the restroom or in the bed sheets, plus the plugging of hairs can also trigger unneeded plumbing
  4. Top-notch rental cleaning at a minimum ought to consist of: washing blankets, bedding, linen, and towels on a regular basis.
  5. Excellent rental cleaning should include: having your carpeting, and drapes deep cleaned annually and the oven cleaned a minimum of once a month.

Points for Myrtle Beach Rental Upkeep

Along with the rental cleaning between guest changeovers, it is  essential to carry out regular maintenance checks making sure everything remains in good working order prior to the next visitor’s arrival, so that any glitches can be addressed quickly.


This is so visitors can deal with fundamental issues, a useful touch is to keep a set of tools such as a plunger, hammer, screwdriver and nails, mop and bucket available in your rental unit so that your visitor can have access to them.


A great call is to make certain that there are spare batteries and light bulbs in the rental home in case they might be needed.


Security is essential, so checking that the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide gas detectors are operating efficiently on a regular basis makes sense.


Scan the walls for scratches/marks and touch them up when detected. Be sure to repaint walls when they are looking a bit faded to keep that fresh look.


Clean grout and rubber seals frequently to prevent the buildup of mold/mildew and change as quickly as they get stained.


Should to your visitors have any issues with the accommodation, have on hand a list of emergency contact numbers. A smart idea is to put the details into the guest handbook– together with any contact numbers for plumbing professionals and electrical experts for when you or your caretaker isn’t readily available to fix the issue instantly. A phone book is also an excellent backup.


Together with the interior of your property, ensure your vacation rental cleaning and upkeep includes the exterior of the accommodation. Repair broken tiles; repaint walls, look for leaks in the roofing system. Impressions count so clean the entryway areas, garden and/or terrace to leave a lasting favorable impression.

We would love to provide you with a quote for all your vacation rental cleaning needs. Call MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach to schedule a time for us to come out and see what you have in mind.

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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Cleaning Service

cleaning-services-Myrtle-Beach-300x200.jpgAlthough a house keeper may not need a work license, a surety bond and liability insurance are important. Whether you’re hiring a cleaning service or a self employed housekeeper, they must have a business license, background check, and basic experience. Housekeepers who work for a firm generally get on the job training. You must ask what services are given and what will happen if something goes wrong once you hire a cleaning service or a house cleaner.

How to Find The Right Professional Cleaning Service

Keeping a house clean is a never ending task that will take up most of your spare time. If you don’t want to spend your weekends dusting or mopping, you have to consider getting a house cleaning expert or hiring a cleaning service Myrtle Beach.

Unless the cleaner does certain duties that are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency or your local or state government, no specific licensing is needed to become a cleaner. But, you need to work with a professional who would be able to pass a background check and has an existing business license, surety bond, and liability insurance. You also need to choose a person who has experience and could offer references, or someone who has obtained some professional training from a cleaning company.

Remember that when hiring any type of professional to clean your home, every state follows its own set of licensing requirements.

Cleaning Services Vs. Self Employed House Cleaners

Hiring a self employed house cleaner is cheaper and you can easily be comfortable knowing that only one person will take care of your home. Plus, that expert can offer you a more personalized service. However, self employed house cleaners may not be bonded or insured and may not have a recent background check. Additionally, there’s no supervisor that you can report to in case the cleaner offers a bad service.

Meanwhile, getting a cleaning service means bonding and insurance are guaranteed. You can also count on their reliability. But professional cleaning services are more expensive and it could also mean you need to let different people enter your house.

Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

  1. What services do you offer? You need to know upfront if the cleaning company or housekeeper provides the services you require.
  2. How do you calculate your rate? You need to know if they charge a weekly flat fee or if they charge an hourly rate. Some companies charge based on the number of bedrooms you have or you’re the size of your home.
  3. Do you provide your own cleaning supplies? Several companies may provide their own cleaning supplies but the homeowners need to provide the mop or vacuum cleaner. Some may bring their own while others don’t. You should also ask what type of cleaning products they use and if they’re willing to use the products you provide.
  4. What happens if something goes wrong? What if your property gets damaged or if the house cleaner gets hurt? Do they have the necessary bonding and insurance for these situations.

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Give Your Interiors A Lift With These Spring Cleaning Tips

house-cleaning-2-300x200.jpgSpring is almost here and so is the Easter holidays. This is a fun time to offer your interiors a lift and do some house cleaning. You probably planned for this spring cleaning project for months now, but this time make it count. This is an excellent way to get rid of the dirt and clutter inside your home.

Spring Cleaning Tips To Give Your Interiors A Lift

  1. While you are tidying up and fixing everything out in your spring cleaning project, take a minute to assess your furniture. Are they still all your favored pieces? You probably have a few pieces that are torn at the sides or things that really need replacement. Maybe it is time to offer your favorite furniture to others and you might get a tax write-off. Why not get a new furniture then.
  1. Inspiration is crucial to getting things done and accomplishing them easily. Treat you and your family to a special family getaway or dinner once spring cleaning is done. Take it from the house cleaning Myrtle Beach professionals who do not take breaks, so should you. The main objective here is to finish everything before doing anything else.
  1. Remember that dust and dirt follow the rules of gravity. It falls down similar to everything else. So, start from top to bottom.
  1. See to it that you wear proper clothes. Make sure that your wear ones that fit properly and not loosened so won’t catch on edges, doorknobs or anything that can tear.
  1. If you’re likely to get on your knees most of the time, consider purchasing some knee pads. The cleaning service professionals always use them. You may lose interest in your spring cleaning project if you become uncomfortable.
  1. Always remember to wear hand gloves! These help keep the bacteria as well as chemicals off your skin. The normal yellow cleaning hand gloves you see in the supermarket will work just fine.

Always have a plan beforehand

One of the best things you can do before doing your spring cleaning project is to have a plan at hand.This alone could reduce a significant quantity of time off your springtime cleaning task. Rather than thinking just what to do next, you’ll have your strategy right before you.

Avoid the hassle of going through every clutter in your home, call Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach for reliable and professional cleaning service.

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Your Guide To Professional Condo Cleaning Services

Cleaning services is no longer a luxury. A lot of people including those who live in condos hire cleaners to help them out. Many individuals opt to stay in condos since such residences give access to an easier way of life. While condos do a whole lot for their owners, they still need to be kept clean. Tidiness, obviously, remains in the eye of the observer, however, staying on top of your cleaning obligations will certainly help you appreciate the advantages of condo living.

The most effective approach is to create a cleaning timetable and also stay with it. If you are planning a holiday out of town- the capacity to take such journeys on brief notification is just one of the advantages of condo-ownership – you can merely re-arrange your cleaning timetable. To make this work and achieve professional condo cleaning service, without spending, is to commit a couple of minutes every day to make sure you clean parts of your condo. This is to avoid cleaning services Myrtle Beach that charge too high.

Condo Cleaning Guide

Daily Tasks

Make the bed when you rise in the early morning. Place filthy meals in the dishwasher, or in the sink and soak them in warm, soapy water. Decrease the clutter by putting things back in their place once done using them, whether right into a box or right into the garbage. Do not leave anything, especially the trash unattended.

The first day

Wash and completely dry the bed linen, rugs and towels that you have utilized throughout the previous week. Place them back as quickly as they come out of the clothes dryer. Brush up the flooring and vacuum any kind of rug in your condo while waiting for the washing machine to finish with your clothes.

Day Two

Remember that dust builds up on frames, lights, shelves, walls, and electronics so be sure to dust your condo. Keep this task always on your list because it only takes a few minutes to complete and will go a long in keeping your condo well-kept and clean.

Day Three

Clean the kitchen. If there are any type of meals in the sink, tidy and placed them away. Clean all surface areas in your cooking area – consisting of kitchen counters and kitchen appliance – with a kitchen-cleaning solution, as well as scrub the sink. You might require a strong cleaner to clean up the sink, though soap and warm water must work as long as you remain on top of it. Inspect your fridge to see for any spoiled food to put away.

Day Four

Restroom cleanup. Tidy the mirror with a glass cleaner, and clean all other surface areas, consisting of the commode and shower. Sweep the bathroom floor or vacuum the rugs.

Day Five

Some cleaning tasks should be done to maintain your condo tidy and well-kept, yet doing them each week is a little excessive. Some might require to be done every other week, some over longer periods. While it is a great concept to wipe any type of hard floorings in your condo every couple of weeks, you can most likely manage with cleaning your home windows much less usually than that. Some individuals could clear out their cabinets as well as storage rooms, yet once again, jobs like that most likely can be done much less often. For other condo cleaning tasks, you can always call MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach.

If you are looking for a reputable company that offers only the best cleaning services, be sure to get in touch with MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach.

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Smart Cleaning Tips For Your Home

house-cleaning-Myrtle-Beach-300x200.jpgWhether you live in an apartment, a small, or big home, your place is bound to get dirty at some point. And although there is no single way to clean your home, there’s a smart way to get it done. Here’s a guided tour of your house, from the bathroom and kitchen to the living room and bedroom. Learn the basic house cleaning rules and some short cuts and tips to help you clean your place efficiently and thoroughly, beginning now.

House Cleaning Tips

Cleaning The Kitchen

In your kitchen, you should wash your dishes every day, keep tabs on your fridge, and wipe the surfaces to make sure that mess don’t accumulate. Don’t forget to clean your sink including the faucet using an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of food particles and bacteria. Clean the sponges too by putting them in the microwave or the dishwasher.

Cleaning The Bathroom

You have to clean your bathroom frequently. Don’t wait too long because if you do, you’ll end up tackling a disgusting job. You’ll find different commercial products for cleaning the tub, shower, toilet and sink. Make sure to read the instructions on the label. Hair is a common problem in the bathroom. Use rags or paper towels to pick up hairs on the floor before introducing any liquid cleaners.

Cleaning The Bedroom

Cleaning your bedroom is not rocket science, according to house cleaning Myrtle Beach experts. Making the bed and moving glasses to the kitchen everyday makes a huge difference. You should wash your sheets at least once a week. Don’t forget to put away all of your laundered clothes and keep all surfaces, like that of your side table and on top of your cabinets.

Cleaning The Living Room

When cleaning the living room, begin by getting rid of the things that don’t belong to that part of your home. Keep the floors clean and the carpet, too. When it comes to the upholstery, check the care tag for instructions on what cleaning products should be used.

Cleaning Your Car

You can clean your car as often as you prefer but when it comes to spills, they must be dealt with right away. Use a handheld vacuum to clean your car’s interior. You can apply an upholstery cleaner to get rid of stains from the car upholstery. Compressed air is another option if you want to make sure that all nooks and crannies are free of dirt and dust.

Cleaning Up After Kids and Pets

You can wash plush toys by hand or using a washing machine. Meanwhile, plastic toys can be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher or soaked in your sink that’s filled with hot water and dish soap. If you have pets at home, you should vacuum frequently. You can also pick up clumps of hair from your bed or couch by using a grooming mitt or rubber glove.

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Why Should You Hire A Cleaning Service

cleaning-services-300x209.jpgLack of desire, knowledge, or time. They are several reasons why homeowners prefer hiring a professional cleaning service. House cleaning services exist since they answer the needs of homeowners who want to clean in a healthy and clean house but have no time to do so. By hiring a cleaning service, you can get your house in tip top shape and keep it that way as long as possible.

Why Hire A Cleaning Service

Most conflicts in the house involve who will do the household chores. With a cleaning service Myrtle Beach, you can reduce if not eliminate this family stress.

In some cases, you don’t have enough time to clean your home. For example, if you are preparing for a long overdue vacation, packing could leave your house in a mess and is very counterproductive to ensuring that it is kept clean when you return. Hire a house cleaning service to tidy up your home while you are gone so you’ll return to one that is looking and smelling fresh. Or perhaps you’re up for a family visit. A professional cleaner will make sure that your home is in perfect shape so you can focus on entertaining your guests.

You can also hire a cleaner if you are planning to sell your home. A team of professional cleaners will make sure that every nook and cranny in your house is clean and all set for potential homebuyers.

There is something to be said regarding how great a party was from how untidy it looks the following day, unless if it is your house and you need to deal with the after party cleaning. A professional cleaning service can help you get your home in preparty shape in no time, and give you more time to plan your next party.

Some people are just not good when it comes to cleaning. Maybe they never learned how to properly clean, can’t see the dirt, or have some physical limitations that prevent them from cleaning their houses. If you’re one of them, then hiring a cleaning team is the best solution.

Time is gold as what some may say. Between sleep, work or studies, you only have a few minutes left for yourself. You wouldn’t want to spend that on cleaning the house right? Then hire a cleaning service right away.

If you are one of those who are not fond of cleaning, then hiring the help of an expert cleaner is a good choice. MHBS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach can handle cleaning the toilets, windows, floors, and every other parts of your home.


Call MBSH Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach now and let our team of cleaners help you with your home cleaning needs.


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Reasons To Hire Cleaning Services In Myrtle Beach

cleaning-services-Myrtle-Beach-300x200.jpgIf you’ve ever tried to clean your home from top to bottom, you probably already have a good sense of how hard and tiring it can be. Doing everything on your own from giving every piece of furniture a wipe down, vacuuming the floors and carpets, and making sure everything is sparkling clean, makes hiring cleaning services Myrtle Beach a really good idea. If you’re still not convinced on letting a crew of professional cleaners do the cleaning in your home, read the rest of this article.

Here are reasons why you should consider professional cleaning services:

You work a 9-5 job

Working full-time won’t leave you with plenty of opportunities to clean your home. By the end of your workday, you will likely choose rest over cleaning. Bear in mind that hiring house cleaning Myrtle Beach isn’t being lazy at all. If your work does not permit you to spend a lot of time cleaning your home, hiring someone else to do it. There are more important tasks that need your attention.

You are busy with your family

Family always comes first. Although it is fun and relaxing to spend time with your family, it will take away a huge chunk of your time. Being a mother of two is difficult enough. Having more children to tend to will pretty much eat away at your time. Don’t sacrifice the time you spend with your family just to clean your home. There are services you can count on for that sole purpose.

You don’t know how to clean

While some people just don’t have the time to clean, others simply don’t know how to. If you find it difficult to give your home a nice, thorough clean, hire someone who can. There are specific ways on how to clean efficiently and neatly. Even with a few simple tools, you can give your home a good cleaning. However, it all boils down to the technique you use.

You don’t like cleaning at all

If you are like many people who don’t like cleaning at all, there’s no reason for you not to hire janitorial services. It will definitely make your life easier and your home a lot cleaner. Companies like MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach offer a whole range of cleaning services for residential to commercial establishments.

You deserve some R&R

Of course, there’s nothing like some time for yourself to relax and recuperate from the stresses of life. If you don’t want to be bothered by the need to clean your home from time to time, hire a company that can do everything for you. Pamper yourself every once in a while. If it means hiring a cleaning company to get the rest you deserve, cleaning experts are just one call away.

Don’t have the time to clean your home yourself? Want to get the cleaning done while you focus on more important things in life? Call MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach today! You may reach us at (843) 492-6278.

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Why Cleaning Services Make The Best Valentine Present

cleaning-service1-300x200.jpgValentine’s Day could be a yearly struggle in finding the ideal present for your significant other or spouse. Now that holidays are over and you have just given your best present during Christmas, why not give your spouse the gift of a clean house. The good thing about this is, you do not need to be the one to do it when you can hire cleaning services.

Here are five reasons why cleaning services can be a worthwhile present.

  1. Your spouse will surely thank you for it.

If your wife is also working, hiring a cleaning service Myrtle Beach will be the best surprise and surely, she will thank you for the rest of her life. Cleaning the home is a mandatory task where everyone can benefit from it and yet no one has time to do it. The tasks needed to be done is also a time that you should spend with your family. When you take those hefty duties off the “checklist of things to do,” you have just freed hours of time that you can spend with your family.

  1. Say goodbye to your least favorite chores.

A lot of houses require a minimum of light house cleaning each week. Nevertheless, if once a week home cleaning service is beyond your budget plan, hire a housekeeper once a month or every other week. This is enough to cover the heavy household cleaning tasks and you only get to do light chores.

  1. De-cluttering.

Today’s homeowners know that “less is more,” which is why the minimal layout is back in style. As opposed to providing more things to your spouse, you are giving the gift of “de-cluttering” and taking out things that are never used. When you hire a cleaning service, the house cleaner can help you with those tasks such as taking away old clothes from your cabinet.

  1. Care for chores.

There are house cleaners who could go beyond the basic vacuuming, washroom cleaning as well as scrub the flooring. When you set up an evaluation, inquire about other services they can offer throughout your set days, like home window cleaning, washing, and also closet arranging.

  1. It is worth more than one gift.

Providing your loved one the present of regular home cleaning keeps her schedule open. In such a way, it resembles providing her several presents in one. Now, she has time to do all things she wishes to do, like scheduled mani/pedi, take a weekend lunch with a close friend or take pleasure in an enchanting evening with you!

Let your loved one experienced the best Valentine’s day, call MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach.

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Give The Gift Of Love With Valentine’s Day Cleaning

cleaning-service-300x200.jpgDo you want to make a grand gesture that your partner or spouse will truly appreciate this Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you have decided to give do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day gifts? Whatever you choose, if you are not in charge of house cleaning, presenting your partner with a neat and tidy home will set hearts aflutter. It will surely make your love feel that you appreciate their hard work as they keep your home tidy. But first, you need to know how you should clean a house correctly.

Take Care of Unpleasant Business First

When you begin your Valentine’s Day cleaning, you should take care of the most difficult area of your home first. Unexpectedly, the room that is the hardest to clean is likewise the smallest. Yes, you got that right. It is the bathroom. Here are the areas that you have to clean and how you need to clean them.

Toilet – get distilled white vinegar and spray it under the toilet’s rim. Grab the toilet brush and scribe all the grime out. Just get in there. Pour about a half cup of vinegar into the bowl and leave it for five minutes. Scrub the bowl again and then flush it. Spritz some vinegar on the outer rim and seating. Get rid of any residue by wiping them away with a microfiber cloth.

Shower – mix ¾ cup of water and ¼ cup of vinegar to create a homemade cleaner for hard water stains. Nuke this solution for sixty seconds in a bowl that is microwave safe. Place the mixture into a spray bottle and use it to mist surfaces that you want to clean. Leave it for three minutes and then use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the cleaner.

Sink and Tub:

The ways you need to use to clean up your bathtub will be based on the kind of tub you have at home. Is it porcelain, enamel, or acrylic? One good tip that is applicable to all is baking soda. Apply them on the tub and sink. Use warm water as well as a microfiber cloth to wipe away the cleaner.


Dusting is the next thing you have to do when it comes to Valentine’s Day house cleaning Myrtle Beach. You should do this before you vacuum so you can make sure that you remove all the dust that has fallen after dusting. Overall, this is most probably the easiest chore you have to take care of. Work your way all throughout the house. All you need to do is use the right tool to wipe all the dust away. Don’t forget about important areas like the blinds, baseboards, and ceiling fans.


Now that your floors are nice and dusty, the next thing you have to do is vacuum. Do it throughout the house even in areas that are not carpeted. In case you do not have carpet, put some baking sodas you go. This is very important especially if you have pets at home as baking soda can neutralize any bad odor in the house.

Cleaning The Kitchen

Your kitchen is definitely included in your Valentine’s Day Cleaning. A few spots you need to focus on are as follows:

Once you have cleared the countertops, mix warm water with dishwashing liquid. Damp the microfiber cloth and wipe down the counters. Rinse the cloth regularly as you go so that you are not spreading dirt around. When that is finished, use a dry microfiber to buff the countertops and change anything you got rid of from the counter. Cleaning stovetops and cabinets are easy. Empty them out and then wipe the cabinet surfaces down using a damp clean microfiber. Take care of the dishes. You wouldn’t want to see a sink that is full of filthy dishes. You can either do the dishes by hand or load the dishwasher. Remember that you can hire cleaning services if you don’t have the time to do all these things.

Call MBHS Cleaning Services Myrtle Beach if you are considering to have a Valentine’s Day cleaning. 

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